Touring and other animals. Day 12

It’s amazing what a few days rest does. To be honest I’ve done almost nothing. Lots of sleep, a nice walk around the countryside with my better half and hours spent playing League Of Legends and watching Netflix. Sometimes nothing is the best thing for you to do and now I’m feeling refreshed and ready to go. We are destined to hit Friday traffic so Paul suggests leaving 2 hours earlier than we would normally need to. It turns out to be a great idea. The M3 roadworks (guess how many people were working on it?) into the inevitable M25 carpark slowed us down a hell of a lot. The Sat Nav is set for Chelmsford today, an area I used to frequent a lot as it is the home of a previous client of mine,

Touring and other animals. Day 11

Thank god for a great nights sleep! I meet up with the guys outside last nights venue at 11am. Everyone looks like they are in a good mood and I’m guessing they had a great nights sleep too. I dump my bags in the car as we say our goodbyes to the organisers and off we go again. Devoran in Cornwall is our target today for the last show of this run. By comparison to what we have done recently it's a short drive today, 2.5 hours or so. We hit a major traffic jam because of road works that people are actually working on. We are not in any rush though and the countryside is beautiful so it's nice to just stop and look around for a while. We stop for food at a local pub in Devoran which is close

Touring and other animals. Day 10

We have a packed day again today, 9:30am for breakfast so that the guys are ready to do a Skype interview at 10am with a German radio station. There is a quick stop in town to get a few essentials sorted for the tour then a trip in the car down to Bristol for another BBC radio interview. It’s going to be a tight one today as it’s Friday traffic and we may get caught up in it. To add to the stress levels I’m starting to feel it today. Eight days on the bounce without a break is now making me feel tired and a irritable. The drive down to Bristol is uneventful but I can’t seem to get any shut eye which would have payed dividends later on. We turn up at BBC Bristol with 30 mins to go before t

Touring and other animals. Day 9

A Travelodge deep in West Wales is where I wake up. It’s the first day on tour I can’t be arsed to get breakfast. I’m pretty sure this place doesn’t have the facilities for it anyway. The snooze button gets hit repeatedly and by 11am I’m starting to feel like moving. Todays trip to Market Drayton is going to take us right through the centre of Wales. It should be a gorgeous journey at the very least. It starts well. The traffic cones don’t seem to be as nocturnal here. There are some out in force but they are accompanied by workmen on the road actually doing stuff. There are a couple of road closures but we are lucky enough that each one doesn’t affect us and we make light work of the driv

Touring and other animals. Day 8

It’s a long drive day again. Hampshire to Pembrokeshire. Hopefully it will only be 3.5 hours if the traffic is easy. The cones are back in hibernation so far on the drive. Where the hell do they all go? Tiredness is starting to set in properly with everyone. This is the 6th day on the bounce and we have 3 more after this before most of us get a break. Saul is going straight on to other work when this run of dates is over before meeting back up with us for the last few dates of the tour. It’s always good to be busy in this line of work. You rarely turn down a job offer as you never know when the next drought is coming. I have taken a step back this year after 3 years of being solidly on the r

Touring and other animals day 7

I woke up with a sore throat this morning. Perhaps the unhealthy amount of food over the last couple of days is starting to take it's toll. The groundhog day feeling hasn’t started to set in yet but I don’t think it's going to be long. What the average audience member doesn’t see is what goes in to a 1.5 hour show on the technical and logistical fronts. Living the dream basically consists of waking up, sitting in a car for hours, walking into another dark venue setting up, rushing down your dinner, doing the show, packing down, driving to a hotel that looks exactly like the last one, drink, sleep and repeat. It can become monotonous very quickly but so far I’m not feeling it. Croydon is ou

Touring and other animals. Day 6

Considering the recent bacon debacle, I’m starting to get a little sick of fried breakfasts. I consider going for more fruit and yoghurt based food this morning but the waitress then asks what I would like and I instantly say “Full English please” Doh! Oh well it’s done now perhaps some fruit juice will help. Todays 4 hour drive to Sheffield will give me plenty of time to digest the monster plate of food in front of me and hopefully allow me some extra shut eye too……… Then we stop for lunch and I have a Katsu curry with rice. I realise the tour gluttony is starting to set it. I’m really going to need to cut down my calorie intake for a few days. The drive to Sheffield is uneventful and

Touring and other animals. Day 5

We have a warning this morning. A friend of the band was at todays venue last night watching another gig and said there were serious problems with the P.A. system. It’s always good to get a heads up like this although I don’t know anything other than that so who knows what we are walking into. Luckily we have loads of gear with us if we need it. Its only a couple of hours drive to Priddy in Somerset so we set off after lunch. A nice gentle day before the next few long drives that are coming up. When we arrive at the venue I’m surprised to see a DB technologies rig with Crown amps ready and waiting for us. Unless its all knackered gear there shouldn’t be any problem with the sound tonight…

Touring and other animals. Day 4

Is nothing sacred any more? I guess thats a silly question really. You only have to look at the gutter politics currently happening on both sides of the Atlantic to see that the world is being completely flushed down the toilet! Right now though I don’t care about any of that. I’m up early……….ish, again and I’ve made it down to breakfast. I’m very happy with myself and all is good in the world. But then things comes crashing down on me. There is no bacon!…………………I’m sorry could you repeat that? This is breakfast time in a hotel and you’re telling me there is no fucking bacon. Clinton, Trump, May and Holiday Inn Express…… can all go to hell. Surprisingly I’m still in a good mood. Even tho

Touring and other animals. Day 3

To check out more about Faustus go to 6am………………bloody 6am. This is not my time of day at all. But I’m awake and getting ready to leave for ten days on the road. The last three days have been spent prepping new equipment for this tour. We are doing a few self promoted shows and need to provide some extra P.A. bits for them. I pack my car and away I go to Paul's house, briefly stopping so I don’t run over what I mistake for a pack of baby velociraptors at this time in the morning. From there we are off to pick up Benji on our way up to Ramsbottom (you have got to love the names of northern towns) for Folk expo. We are doing a 20 minute show there around lunch time before ge

Touring and other animals. Day 2

To check out more about Faustus go to Wow I made it to breakfast! That doesn't happen very often. There is a long day ahead and I’m not sure when I will get to eat again, so had to make the effort. Faustus have a radio interview and a folk music workshop before we head on to tonight's show. So we dose up on coffee and fried breakfast before jumping in the cars to make our way from Lincoln to Oxford. The first stop is BBC Radio Oxford where the guys are doing a pre record of two and songs and an interview. We are greeted by some friendly staff and shown to a studio where there are already a few mics set up for us. The tea and coffee orders are made and the guys quickly sta

Touring and other animals. Day 1

This October I'm out on tour with the folk trio Faustus. I have been working with these guys for a few years now and this tour is an exciting one. The band have just released their third album Death And Other Animals. To check out more about Faustus go to The set up is a simple one comprising of melodeon, violin, cor anglais, guitar, bouzouki and three vocals. On the technical side we tour with a Behringer x32 rack mixer, 4 x QSC k10 monitors, an iPad and a laptop. We plug into whatever PA system the house has and away we go. Audience numbers average between 75 and 150 people most days and it is a fully acoustic show. Day 1 The Performing Arts Centre Lincoln It's my

The sound engineer shootout OSX El Capitan V Windows 10. Part 2

This is part 2 of my shootout test between OSX and Windows 10 (If you missed part 1 you can read it here, As expected, whenever there's talk of Apple V Microsoft, I got a bit of flack on the Facebook comments about what I'm doing e.g. " Its not a fair test because you are using Apple hardware". Well to a degree that's true, but there is no "fair test" as such, but useful information can still be taken from what I'm doing. Pretty much every argument against this test came down to efficiency and processor power, and "you can't do this or that with Apple", which is always t

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