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Recording Studio


The recording studio is based in Fleet, Hampshire, UK. Filled with high quality professional recording equipment including a Pro Tools recording system, Universal Audio and Midas pre amps, Microphones from AKG, Shure and Rhode and Plug Ins from Slate Digital, Waves and others. Monitoring is covered by Adam speakers and also the legendary Yamaha NS-10's.


Situated close to local amenities, and a nature reserve, it is the ideal place to work on your music, in a relaxed and inspiring environment.

Location Recording

For those who require location recordings at their home, rehearsal studio or concert etc, we provide mobile recording studios to cover various scenarios. To date we have recorded live performances everywhere, from small pub gigs to the Royal Albert Hall. We can even incorporate all the sound duties required for your live concert, as well as a multitrack recording, to be professionally mixed in the studio at a later date. 


Singers, songwriters and bands all benefit from a producer's input in a recording session. Whether you have an exact idea of the end result you want to hear, or are just learning what recording music is all about, we are here to help guide you through the steps to finish your masterpiece. 


Have you recorded your song and tried mixing it yourself but are not happy with the results?


We offer mixing services for any situation. It could be a song that was produced at our studios or recorded elsewhere. All you have to do is send us the files and discuss what results you are looking for. You can either be present during the session at the studio, or we can arrange a remote mixing session where you can listen online in "near" real time and be part of the process from anywhere in the world.


Our new "starter" recording package. (contact us for details)


£50 per band member per song i.e.

Solo artiste - £50 per song

Duo - £100 per song

Trio - £150 per song

This includes recording, mixing and mastering so that your song is completely finished ready to be uploaded to streaming services or pressed to CD etc.  

We offer block booking for bigger projects, so if you have an E.P. or album you are planning we can discuss a project fee and timescale.

Location recording costs vary greatly depending on the situation, so contact us to discuss your requirements and a project fee.

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