September 23, 2019

Today is the BIG day, by big I mean the biggest misnomer in music. To coin a phrase/joke from an excellent sound engineer friend Mike Osman,


Traditionally the “industry” and upcoming bands think this is what it’s all about. Nothing...

September 17, 2019

Today is going to be a good day. It is every time we come to Ripon. Our hosts as well as the promotion team for the evening are Nick and Jen Thompson. The Kirkpatrick and Thompson clans have been firm friends forever and I have also got to know them very well over the...

September 14, 2019

The Newcastle and Gateshead area is a place I get to like more and more. Thats partly due to the fact that it’s home to one of the best venues in the country to my mind, The Sage. To top it off there is an energy and atmosphere about the place that I quite like and the...

September 11, 2019

It’s finally here, The Beni Kirkpatrick And The Excess tour starts today. We are out and about promoting the album Gold Has Worn Away which incase you don’t know by now I co-produced earlier this year. I’m excited to get back out on the road for the first time in ages...

April 16, 2018

So an exciting time has come for the Adventures In Audio/ Faustus camp. We are off to Australia for the National Folk Festival. 

As is often the case when you go somewhere new you really don’t have a clue what to expect. I have been to Oz touring several times, but I ha...

November 4, 2016

It’s here, the final day of the tour. Just one more run through the show before we go our separate ways for a while. We still have a packed day to get through. Another traffic filled drive on the M3 and M25 up to Colchester via Chelmsford. We have another BBC radio int...

November 3, 2016

Today we are venturing into the Forest of Dean to a place called Lydbrook. I know nothing about this part of the world. Anything immediately west of Gloucester is a mystery to me and it’s nice to find a great drive through some beautiful countryside. I laugh as we pass...

November 1, 2016

Today is going to be easy. We wake up in Whitchurch, our gig is in Whitchurch. The P.A. system is all ours and it’s in a room we have gigged in several times before. Saul and I had an accidental late night wine drinking session until 4:30am. One of the joys of our work...

October 31, 2016

It’s amazing what a few days rest does. To be honest I’ve done almost nothing. Lots of sleep, a nice walk around the countryside with my better half and hours spent playing League Of Legends and watching Netflix. Sometimes nothing is the best thing for you to do and no...

October 25, 2016

Thank god for a great nights sleep! I meet up with the guys outside last nights venue at 11am. Everyone looks like they are in a good mood and I’m guessing they had a great nights sleep too. I dump my bags in the car as we say our goodbyes to the organisers and off we...

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