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Studio and Live tuition

When starting to mix music for the first time, both live and in the studio, it can be a "baptism of fire". There are so many variables to getting a good sound that it's easy to get yourself into a mess.


We can start right at the beginning explaining gain, equalisation and bussing to get you up and running and on to more advanced concepts of microphone placement, dynamics, and reverb techniques.


For live mixing we teach P.A. setup, room equalisation, front of house mixing, monitor mixing and feedback control. Also we teach techniques that train your ears to identify frequencies, as well as advanced concepts to put a whole mix together creating a professional sounding result.

We are now offering tuition for streaming online too. 


We charge a flat fee of £30 per hour for tuition, at our own facility, and are also able to travel to you for an extra charge.

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