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Music production and recording, internet broadcasting/ streaming, live concert production and tuition. Based in the popular town of  Fleet, Hampshire, England


Whether you are recording a song or playing a live concert we are here to help. For 20+ years our producers and engineers have been working with artistes in many forms of music including pop, rock, blues, jazz, EDM, folk and gospel. We have extensive experience in both the live and studio environments plus the knowledge and skills to help you obtain the results you are looking for.


We work with you to create the sound you are looking for so that your audience will hear your music exactly as you intend. 


As well as recording and live sound engineering we also offer tuition of tried and trusted techniques to achieve professional results. So if you are having problems recording material yourself, or you can't get the best out of your equipment at your concerts then we can guide you on the best ways to improve your situation.

Contact us to discuss your requirements at or call 07547 712 102.

The Adventures In Audio Team

The Benji Kirkpatrick And The Excess Live show recorded by A.I.A starts at 49:30

Everyday People | by FAUSTUS band
Benji Kirkpatrick Live 8/7/20
Hiring Fair
Faustus live on the M69 Part 1.

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Gold Has Worn Away
The new album by Benji Kirkpatrick And The Excess is available now from Westpark Records
and all major streaming sites
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